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Support Groups

About Support Groups

Support groups make it easier to maintain your sobriety by providing a safe space to discuss recovery challenges like cravings, anxiety, or depression. At Victory Treatment Program in Knoxville, Tennessee, addiction medicine specialist and board-certified family nurse practitioner Stacey Maltman, FNP-BC, and the team facilitate monthly support group meetings for patients in addiction recovery. These meetings are open to anyone in the community and don’t cost anything. Call Victory Treatment Program today to learn more about support groups, or book your appointment online.

Support Groups Q&A

What are support groups?

Support groups are essential to addiction recovery. They present an opportunity to meet and interact with others striving to maintain sobriety. 

Enrolling in a support group helps you feel like part of a community. It provides the encouragement you need to face the challenges of sober living and provides tips and tricks for facing the obstacles that are sure to arise. 

At Victory Treatment Program, Stacey and the team host monthly support groups. These meetings are open to the general public and free of charge. They often feature guest speakers who provide insight into the recovery process and share their personal experiences.

What is the purpose of a recovery support group?

The purpose of a recovery support group is to build a sense of community and camaraderie. Addiction recovery is a long and difficult process filled with challenges. Chances are you used alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with problems in your personal or professional life. 

Substances, such as alcohol and opioids, help numb difficult feelings like worry, fear, and shame. But in sobriety, you have to face these feelings head-on. Navigating intense emotions and the lifestyle changes required in sobriety is daunting. A recovery support group provides the inspiration and motivation you need to keep going, even when things get tough.

What can I expect if I choose to attend an addiction support group?

At Victory Treatment Program, the monthly support groups aim to provide an uplifting environment for people in addiction recovery and their family members. Substance use disorders, like alcohol addiction and opioid addiction, affect all aspects of your life, including your job, health, and relationships. 

Discussing your hopes, fears, and challenges with others in the same situation is heartening and helps buoy your spirits. It also provides a sense of accountability. Meeting regularly with fellow substance users can motivate you to stay the course. 

Are support groups part of addiction recovery?

Yes. All patients who enroll in addiction recovery at Victory Treatment Program are encouraged to participate in the monthly support groups. Fellowship with others is one of the best ways to maintain lasting progress.

These groups also present an opportunity to get out of your head. Many people in recovery struggle with anxiety and depression. Regular human interaction can help keep these disorders at bay.

Call Victory Treatment Program today to learn more about the monthly support groups, or make an appointment online.